No Country for Women

One lovely forward thought I came across. Cheers to the writer..

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A lot has been said lately regarding women, their role in society and abuse. Yet it doesn’t seem to be enough. Today I think two of the most misconstrued words are abuse and sex. More often than not, the two words are used synonymously and incorrectly. Instead of highlighting the difference, we seem to have pushed people towards thinking they mean the same. We’ve somehow convinced people into believing that a woman is a goddess and yet a slave.

 When it comes to awareness regarding sexual abuse we always tend to blame the illiterate. We tend to assume an educated individual would have the ability to reason and differentiate right from wrong. I could not be more against this point of view. Education has nothing to do with it. There is only one thing that is definitive of how a person treats a woman and that is upbringing. Nobody, be…

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