There is light in your eyes
Silence on your lips
Possibility of a smile
May be even a few words
Of love, hope, friendship, humour…
Your fingers move
Strands of hair grow
From a million miles away
I can feel you be
You are there
There is warmth in your blood
Colour in your flesh
There is that distant place
Where your feet can carry you
There is that new flower
You may like its scent
I heard a new story
You may think it’s good
When there is war
You may wish for peace
There is unrest
You may know why
I want to find my way
You may know how
Someone writes a song
Someone has a tune
You may sing
You may ‘be’
You may become…
I can see it all
In this almost alive picture

In one minute, in one second
In the time one takes to merely inhale
How could you “not be”?
What will I become?

—- Shrinithi Mahendran


I love you, I mumble

Flying above the clouds
Through the window, eyes see
A beat, a thought, a smile
Hearts swindle

Take a handful of the fluffy white
Put em against m’ cheeks
Pack some, keep ‘em close
Happiness in a bundle!

In the wonderland,
in a faraway world
these clouds walk with me
If not, I grumble.

Here, I leave them behind.
With a half-smile, I know it will rain.
When it does rain, I look up
I love you, I mumble.

—- Shrinithi Mahendran

Wash away

Rolling over from the sea
Fierce like the wildest boar
Speaking to the unknown
Many words that rise and fall
You are solace
You are turmoil
How many stories have you heard?
How many questions have you answered?
My heart beckons to your cradle song
Wash away my castles before long

—- Shrinithi Mahendran

PC: Shrinithi Mahendran

PC: Shrinithi Mahendran

From the porch on a raining eve

Winds touching the earth with wet kisses
Listen to the eternal voice of the sky
Pouring down all the love… all the lust there is
Forcing all unromantic men under blinding roofs
It makes me wonder
What in this world can rain not heal !


Some frozen moments from my porch




Reaching out to the sky … holding its love…




So much lust …



So much love …



IMG_6922 rs

The last few kisses


The one who gets to enjoy all the rain...

The one who gets to drip with love…




It sails across time and brings back the little one for you




And this completes a perfect rainy evening … Hot tomato soup garnished with pepper and mint !


Invisible ink

There are a thousand
silent poems
etched in invisible ink
Battles long fought
still fighting
were sung at truth’s brink
A nameless ship of soldiers
sank deep
in the soil of wanderers
Waters never seen
stood still
stood still
staring at the stretching sky
White bird of time flew
across the boundless blue
Its reflection
sank no deeper
no deeper
than the face of dew
The dew that contained in it, all
The sky, the sea, and all