Capturing Relationships

I spent an evening at Juhu Beach, Mumbai – just me and my camera. Unlike the silent beaches back home where I sit and watch the waves for hours together, Juhu was bustling with people – tourists, hawkers, and locals. The beach was extremely littered and dirty. People were everywhere taking pictures and playing in the beach. The sunset was beautiful and the colour on the water and on people’s face turned orange and for a minute, I could hear only the waves. A moment in my own world.

Then I looked around and saw hundreds of people, each in their own world with their loved ones. The relationship between them and the beach was wonderful. I chose my subjects and captured the happiness, bonding and each of their lives in frames.


Through rough tide and low tide…


Thank you for holding me… Thank you for letting go… you are the bravest hero daddy…


I am right here.. right beside you.. and we’ll take the waves together little girl…


Immersed in the sea of thoughts… soaked in your love…


Let’s take a stroll and grow up together…


Let me dream with you…let me into your little big world…


I can give life, I can destroy… I can be calm, I can be fierce…


Ready? Catch the waves and pocket them son!


Solitude… Serendipity… The Sea…


This is where I begin… This is where I end… This is where I grow… Play with me while I am at the shore…








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