Sathiya Kavignan – Velliangattan

When someone asks me why I want to be a writer, I know it is my life’s calling. But what could have made me tell I wanted to be a writer when I was barely ten years old? Unless it ran in my blood, how did I hold on to my dream – a dream that I dreamed as a child?

I am always proud and equally humbled down when I call myself the great grand daughter of a poet. He lived from 1904 – 1991. His  name, Velliangattan ( it is his pen name, he named himself after his village). My father often says that he gets worried thinking if I took, more than my flair for writing, after him. The poet’s ideals were pretty much of a nonconformist’s.

I have already posted my article on him that appeared in The Hindu, Coimbatore (Metroplus) – follow the link to find the article.

This post is to present the documentary on my great grandfather, I directed. It was a pleasure working with my team who showed keen interest in the work despite very pressing project deadlines. I have to thank my team, also my classmates Navaneeth, Amir, Shiyam, Anusha and Nikitha for their support. Co-ordinating the crew throughout the project, writing the script for the documentary and working on the screenplay which is very vital to the success of a documentary has given me a level of satisfaction in  calling myself his grand daughter. I am happy I finally brought it out.

I have to thank  my grandmom. The great poet would be no where if not for her. The documentary is not only an account of my great grandfather’s life as a poet and the journey of his writings, but also a record of the inspiring effort of this old woman who has stood up to her cause defying age and education as a barrier.

I thank the writers and literary legends of Coimbatore who welcomed my efforts and gave me appointment to record their interviews. I thank Puviyarasu sir, Nanjil Nadan sir, Marabin Maindhan Muthaya sir, Senthalai Gowthaman sir, C.R.Elangovan sir for their precious time.

I named the documentary Sathiya Kavignan (poet of truth) because the poet lived by the truth he wrote.

Do watch the documentary and give your feedback. I humbly ask you to share the link because we want to rediscover this great poet of Coimbatore. The film is rather a small  tribute compared to the quality of his life.

Language: Full Length Tamil Documentary

Running time: 12 minutes


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