The watchman

My friend and I were going around a shopping street busily searching for a good sari for her. It was quite late in the evening and restlessness set in. We parked the car at a private parking lot and tried a Boutique on the busy road. We took the car out after a commotion for paying the parking tickets and zoomed out. “God, I should get home before mom gets home!” this is a prayer every young adult in India would mutter very often.

I received a call on my mobile and my friend took it. The person on the other end introduced himself to be the watchman of the parking lot we just left. And he had my wallet in his hand.

Foolish me! I did not notice my clutch dropping to the ground in my  never ending hurry.

The kind man had found my number from a dry cleaner’s receipt slip. He laughed at me when I went back. He said, “Check pannikko ma,” asking me to check if everything was there.

I smiled at him. I said thank you.

Some honest men, can change the way you feel. They can show you how beautiful this world is.


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