What is TOI Write India Campaign?

A big thanks to Times of India’s (TOI) initiative to make India write. The Write India contest came as a big opportunity for writers like me. Creating a story every month is great experience. I will be posting my stories here, one after the other as the results are announced for each month.  Find my stories under the category “Short stories for TOI Write India Campaign”

For those who are not familiar with the ways of the contest, it runs for 11 months. Each month the contest is hosted by a different Indian Author.  July was Amish Tripathi, August – Chetan Bhagat , September was Ashwin Sanghi …. Hope you get it!

These authors give a passage at the beginning of every month (The 7th of every month) and attach some rules to it. The contest opens on the 7th and closes on the 30th every month.

The writers should write a story with the passage appearing anywhere in their story within 1500-2500 words!

Every month a winner will be chosen and at the end of 11 months their stories will be published as a book. They all win a Kindle and a ticket to a week-long writers workshop in Diu.

Visit http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/books/writeindia.cms to know more.

Enjoy reading!




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