Tick Tock Tik Tock

Who likes to wait? None of us like to stare at the watch hoping it ticks way 60 times ! We may wander about in lazy thoughts on bed for hours together, but waiting at the traffic signal, seeing the countdown makes us fidgety. We want to zoom past!

It feels like the clock and our eyes have a deal. The more we look at it, the slower it ticks for us. Time and tide waits for none, but how does it manage to slow down so much. When I was in primary school I used to wonder why games hours are shorter than Math hours. I never knew that time neither had an accelerator, nor a brake.

I am waiting today, for the Times of India Write India contest result, remembering how my parents and I waited in from of my PC from 8 a.m. for my higher secondary school results that were to come only by 9 a.m. The human mind is very much capable of comprehending that the result is not going to come any sooner just because we stare at the computer screen for an hour. It also knows that it is going to be the same result, whatever may it be. In my current scenario, my mind even knows it is a very far-fetched chance that I would make it to the top ten winners in a contest where thousands contest!

But I haven’t been able to do anything else since afternoon! I am typing this whole thing to kill that last 15 minutes before it gets the better of me! It is 08.58 p.m. I have two minutes to  go before the result will be announced.  So I am signing off! Sorry for an abrupt ending! Wish me luck!


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