Fixing things in life!

This is more like an entry in my diary (I have always meant to write one, but the habit just doesn’t kick in), only this is something I want to tell the world. A few days ago my Whatsapp  status read as  “When life breaks you; you wait for it to break you harder” I just meant to say that life can never break a person enough! it might get tougher and tougher, but that is a sign that you’re moving. That you are no longer in emotional stagnation. My all time favourite quote is from The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. He says “The darkest hour of the night comes before the dawn”

My life is beautiful and I can see it. The world is meant to have all the seasons anyway! My love for words began very long ago, at the time when I read stories that began as ‘Once upon a time, long long ago, very long ago, there was a …  ‘

I began writing poetry before my days met with my illustrated classics of Robinson Crusoe, followed by Heidi and then the ever awesome Harry Potter! There, the world of books enters my world of dreams. “Books are just an extension of my hands,” says my mentor. That is how it is.

Growing up is a difficult phase in many a sense. In such process, my reading slowed down. It slowed down to a pace I would not feel very good talking about. But i never stopped hoarding books. I never stopped feeling the energy rush when I entered book stores.  I never stopped carrying a book with me wherever I went!

Sometimes I consoled myself, or rather excused myself telling, I was troubled and so I am unable to read. But I can’t help thinking that I was troubled because I stopped reading. I used to get angry on my phone, thinking it’s taking away all my time, and I blamed it on everything possible. Until, I decided to just fix things between me and my books instead of grumbling about it!

It is magical how people always end up introducing me to new books (some are books so old in time, but new to me!), kindling the thirst to read. ‘So many books, so little life’. The feeling of being addicted to the worlds that unfurl in endless pages is intoxicating. I am happy I am feeling it again! I am reading again. I wake up and the first thing I recollect is in which page I stopped! Actually it is the second thing I think about. I am not going to tell you what is the first thing that enters my thought every morning! Have a great day!

What a beautiful image!!! Praise the internet !!! and Praise the Creator !!!


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