Under the Umbrella

‘Under the umbrella’ is a chapter from a classic novel called Little Women. My favourite chapter in which a young woman who is original, charming, beaten, revived, finally found love on a rainy day. They joined under the umbrella and walked the rest of their way together, to home, through life. So that’s where this title is from.

Today, after a very long time, I am on my terrace, lying on my back on a drizzling breezy evening, looking up at the sky. I am dying for the rain to pour harder so that I can take a walk under my umbrella and fall in love with myself once again. When I was in my early teens I used to take many such strolls down the lane, lie back on my terrace, trace the sky and watch the moon until it’s late into the night. Sometimes, I sing aloud basking on the hard roof, like the world is all mine.

The rain, the skies, the breeze were like music, which unleashes the wilderness within. Those days, when I got drenched by the pouring shower, when I got lost in the patterns of the clouds, when I found love in the face of the moon, it brought to me no dream, no memories, no joy, no pain, no love, and no hate. Yes, it is absolutely music. You listen to it because there is music, because you can feel the tune run through you. It takes you past your so called chapters of life – written and unwritten. I seek for those moments to revert back. Where am I?



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