You are five minutes late to class !!

I woke up to the yellow sun rays beaming through my yellow curtains only to realize that I am late by 45 mins to the regular alarm. 7.45 am ! — Thanks to late night endeavors. Rushing up is an integral part of my life. Gobbling down a couple of Dosas with all the bitter-sweet love from mom, I finally jumped into the car and cranked up the engine. Life is absolutely beautiful when radio plays your favourite numbers. It is the only pleasure of wading through the  incessantly honking traffic. When I reached class and caught my breath, late again. Late once, late for the rest of your day. It was Indian Constitution and Media Law class. I smiled at Pooja and signaled Lakshmi asking if her fever cured, in the time Professor Boopathy took to nod his consent to my late coming. Two more plodding hours of lecture passed before lunch. Rubin, a good friend of mine from Under Graduation had come to college on business. Telling a hi to a friend you haven’t seen in a while is a great feeling. There was so much to chit-chat, complain, comment and pang goes the 1.00 pm bell. Rushing episode II began. “You are five minutes late to class”, said Mr. Francis.late4school


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