90 seconds …

It was a scorching sunny afternoon and I was stuck between heavy traffic. In the middle of the day when life is running a race, the traffic signals are the only stops on the race track. The human kind has gotten so off road from the real purpose of life and is mostly busy replying texts and taking calls in those 90 seconds gaps even. It was a similar day, a time of life when one day cannot be differentiated from the other. The red light from the traffic pole stared at me. I felt it mocked me as my life was no different from that of its. So I turned my look away from it and surveyed the traffic. My eyes fell on a small kid, peeping through the rear windshield of her car, her head resting on her palms. She would have made a beautiful portrait if only I had had a camera or some skill to paint. That moment felt lit up, as I looked at the lines of her face drawn in the shades of innocence. I leaned over my scooter, put my hands to my cheeks and imitated her. She noticed me and I didn’t react though I kept following her actions. She started testing if she was right about this crazy woman on a scooter who seemed to mirror her actions. She raised her hand, so did I. She folded her fingers, so did I. After a few seconds, my face gave away and I broke into a smile that filled the rest of my day. She broke into a laughter that filled the rest of my life. She turned to face the front of the car for a moment but turned back to me again. She showed me to her mother who also gave me a smile. The red light on the traffic pole stopped mocking at me and turned green.  Our vehicles whizzed forward ending the 90 seconds relationship I had with the kid. Life is a wonder when we take a pause to catch the glimpses of beauty strayed all around us.


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