A story of the father of man, a child.

Everyday dawns for us in the usual shade. We all go about life and our routine. With a blessed life, we have enough complaints to make, enough faults to find, enough wishes to come true. On a very similar day I went to an ENT hospital with my parents to consult the doctor about my dad’s troubling ear. When we waited, I met a little guy at the water doctor. They say smiles are contagious. His smile was more than that. It took a place in my heart. I followed him to his parents who sat at the consulting chair. I learned that the boy suffered hearing loss a couple of years ago. Thanks to the medical inventions today, he could hear with the help of a machine fit in his right ear. “For the past one week he is responding to our calls really well doctor.” The mother was happy with tears in her eyes. I went to join my dad happy for the sweet guy. When the family left we were called in for consulting. When we were about to leave, “How is that child doctor? Its sad little children have to suffer from such disability. He has to carry that machine for a life time?” I was no different from the sympathising, complain boxes that the world sees day in and day out. The doctor laughed at me. What is so funny about the child’s hearing impair! I was turning red. “Dear, today when I was interrogating the child he made a very bizarre comment. He said he was absolutely fine but he only felt sad for his parents who suffered. I was intrigued. I asked him why he says so. There is a temple beside the child’s house and they beat drums every morning at 4 am when worship begins and they cannot sleep at that hour because of the bellowing sound. He said, I can just switch off my ear machine and go to sleep in peace but my parents cannot shut their ears and they cannot sleep. He told his parents that he need not go to the doctor anymore but they should.” And the doctor smiled at me.

Life has a way of teaching man. Most of the time, it is through children. Their perception is the real form of divinity and their voice is that of life itself.


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