The mirror and the window!


The Legend of Narcissus

The world revolves around an axis called ‘self.’ Every one lives in a pursuit of happiness. The word happiness holds a unique definition to itself with various people. Ask a few people what happiness is. Each one will give you a different answer. For some happiness is Art, for some it’s music, some people can’t live without books. Every soul on this earth goes about its life in the search of man’s ultimate destiny – happiness. Amidst these people who seek what they want, there are other kinds too. Their search is also happiness, but they search it in the well being of others. They are Altruists.

The mirror symbolizes desire. Man started admiring himself since he first stumbled upon his reflection. Like the Narcissus who contemplated his beauty in the face of a river and drowned doing so, every one of us here contemplate our own beauty in the face of a mirror. We drown too, in what we call ‘self.’ In the self-centred world, we have given ourselves time to look into the mirror every day. On the other hand how many of us pause our busy lives to look out of the window?

The window is an opening to the outside world, to the happiness and suffering of people who are not related to us in anyway but one. They are our fellow human beings. Those few who care to skip the mirror and push the curtains apart, are the few who know to reflect their beauty in the smile of others. They are a blessing that nature showered on earth. Unlike the ‘mirror clan’ their beauty is worn by all those to whom their generous hand reaches out. They experience the real reflection of their beauty. What one sees in the mirror is a mere mirage.


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