How is your glass?

All parts of the world have a common belief, God. The concept of god is as old as mankind itself. As this thought flows, let me put it across that I am not here to talk to atheists or devotees. Let my beginning not mislead you. I am here to talk to optimists and pessimists about the face they give to God. I am here to talk about perspective, the axis on which human behaviour revolves.

Some people see their ray of sunshine from a dark tunnel while some manage to remain perfectly blind to the garish sun. Both of them walk with God. The first kind, steps forward to face the realities of life in the name of God. He becomes a force that helps them step closer to faith. As commonly believed, it is not faith that takes a person close to God, but it’s the other way round. What a man really requires is faith and the mere concept of a saviour takes him close to it. For these people, God wears the face of a rope. A rope they shall hold on to when they’re scared, when they fall. They can pull themselves up with it and go forward as they know it is there. This rope has another name, hope. The second kind, likes God too. They have him to point at when something goes wrong in life. He bears the face of a blanket to them that covers up their sins, failures and cowardliness. The blanket holds them where they are as the rest of the world moves forward. It reverberates within them their own lamentations and deafens them to the call of destiny. This blanket has another name, hopelessness.

When a baby learns to walk its legs give away a lot of times. It gets up and tries again. It almost looks like someone is cheering them to get up and walk, but there is no one around. They even laugh with no reason. My mother told me that God accompanies a baby, leads him, makes him laugh and protects him. Then why does God vanish once the baby grows up and begins to converse? Does he want to remain a secret? But, why is that? Then I realised, ‘there is no secret ingredient in the secret ingredient soup.’ It is not God who vanishes. It is we who do not know where to find him and what face to give him. Immaterial of whether your glass is half full or half empty, God is there. When it’s half full, he bears the face of a rope; when it’s half empty, he bears the face of a blanket. How is your glass?


2 thoughts on “How is your glass?

  1. The idea behind religion was to create the guidelines to lead a principled life and God was to be the ideal being, a role model of sorts. God was meant to be loved and respected, not feared.

    • Yes.. I am talking about how optimists and pessimists perceive god.. How they forget to see that they can define their life, inspiration and faith … Its true that religion is to gain strength under the name of god and not to find excuses in the name of fate and god…

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