Little bits of plastic make a pile too…

Quite a busy airport. There were so many kinds of people. Some, strolled their luggage to leave on a journey. Some came back with beaming faces, “home sweet home.” There was one woman, stout and grumpy, probably back from a vacation abroad. The scent of home seemed to crook her nose. The displeased face scorned unpleasantly as she exclaimed aloud, ” what a dirty, littered country! How clean the roads were in their place! This country has gone for dogs.” The irony is that while she said so, she cut her luggage check in tag and threw it right on the floor, approximately 2 feet away from the dust bin. That day, her fate it was I guess, my sister went directly to her, picked up the tag, threw it in the dust-bin that proudly gleamed ‘USE ME’ and told her on her face, “go check on the mirror for one of those dogs” and walked back. Well, no one who saw the scene can possibly forget the look that the woman wore on her face that day.

This scene might send little shocks of guilt in the spines of many Indians whose attitude doesn’t differ much from the woman we encountered that day. Why can’t we make an effort to change our little dirty habits when we can appreciate the good one’s of others? Why is that our environment seems so less deserving of our attention? These questions have their answers right inside your own heart reader!

Little droplets of water make an ocean. Little bits of plastic make a pile too. It is important to realize today that the first step to change should happen within ourselves. “It’s already dirty here, the waste I add to it is not going to make much of a difference.” If that is the attitude that we have developed for our world, then we are no where near to making a difference for the good. If our already moulded mind is too thick to bend, then at least lets teach the next generation. Let them do what we are incapable of. Our roads are for us to walk on, not for the piles and piles of waste to sit on. When we betray mother earth’s patience every time, remember that nothing will happen to her,except that she will lose and regret the most beautiful creation of hers, man. And we will lose the most loving home we were gifted with.

Harmony is not a magical word. Its an open secret to life, love and existence. If we will learn to live in harmony with every creation of nature that has its equal right and destiny on this planet happiness will spread it’s wings around us and embrace our lives. Lets begin with a change of attitude!


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