There is light in your eyes
Silence on your lips
Possibility of a smile
May be even a few words
Of love, hope, friendship, humour…
Your fingers move
Strands of hair grow
From a million miles away
I can feel you be
You are there
There is warmth in your blood
Colour in your flesh
There is that distant place
Where your feet can carry you
There is that new flower
You may like its scent
I heard a new story
You may think it’s good
When there is war
You may wish for peace
There is unrest
You may know why
I want to find my way
You may know how
Someone writes a song
Someone has a tune
You may sing
You may ‘be’
You may become…
I can see it all
In this almost alive picture

In one minute, in one second
In the time one takes to merely inhale
How could you “not be”?
What will I become?

—- Shrinithi Mahendran

Capturing Relationships

I spent an evening at Juhu Beach, Mumbai – just me and my camera. Unlike the silent beaches back home where I sit and watch the waves for hours together, Juhu was bustling with people – tourists, hawkers, and locals. The beach was extremely littered and dirty. People were everywhere taking pictures and playing in the beach. The sunset was beautiful and the colour on the water and on people’s face turned orange and for a minute, I could hear only the waves. A moment in my own world.

Then I looked around and saw hundreds of people, each in their own world with their loved ones. The relationship between them and the beach was wonderful. I chose my subjects and captured the happiness, bonding and each of their lives in frames.


Through rough tide and low tide…


Thank you for holding me… Thank you for letting go… you are the bravest hero daddy…


I am right here.. right beside you.. and we’ll take the waves together little girl…


Immersed in the sea of thoughts… soaked in your love…


Let’s take a stroll and grow up together…


Let me dream with you…let me into your little big world…


I can give life, I can destroy… I can be calm, I can be fierce…


Ready? Catch the waves and pocket them son!


Solitude… Serendipity… The Sea…


This is where I begin… This is where I end… This is where I grow… Play with me while I am at the shore…







I love you, I mumble

Flying above the clouds
Through the window, eyes see
A beat, a thought, a smile
Hearts swindle

Take a handful of the fluffy white
Put em against m’ cheeks
Pack some, keep ‘em close
Happiness in a bundle!

In the wonderland,
in a faraway world
these clouds walk with me
If not, I grumble.

Here, I leave them behind.
With a half-smile, I know it will rain.
When it does rain, I look up
I love you, I mumble.

—- Shrinithi Mahendran

Wash away

Rolling over from the sea
Fierce like the wildest boar
Speaking to the unknown
Many words that rise and fall
You are solace
You are turmoil
How many stories have you heard?
How many questions have you answered?
My heart beckons to your cradle song
Wash away my castles before long

—- Shrinithi Mahendran

PC: Shrinithi Mahendran

PC: Shrinithi Mahendran

Sathiya Kavignan – Velliangattan

When someone asks me why I want to be a writer, I know it is my life’s calling. But what could have made me tell I wanted to be a writer when I was barely ten years old? Unless it ran in my blood, how did I hold on to my dream – a dream that I dreamed as a child?

I am always proud and equally humbled down when I call myself the great grand daughter of a poet. He lived from 1904 – 1991. His  name, Velliangattan ( it is his pen name, he named himself after his village). My father often says that he gets worried thinking if I took, more than my flair for writing, after him. The poet’s ideals were pretty much of a nonconformist’s.

I have already posted my article on him that appeared in The Hindu, Coimbatore (Metroplus) – follow the link to find the article.

This post is to present the documentary on my great grandfather, I directed. It was a pleasure working with my team who showed keen interest in the work despite very pressing project deadlines. I have to thank my team, also my classmates Navaneeth, Amir, Shiyam, Anusha and Nikitha for their support. Co-ordinating the crew throughout the project, writing the script for the documentary and working on the screenplay which is very vital to the success of a documentary has given me a level of satisfaction in  calling myself his grand daughter. I am happy I finally brought it out.

I have to thank  my grandmom. The great poet would be no where if not for her. The documentary is not only an account of my great grandfather’s life as a poet and the journey of his writings, but also a record of the inspiring effort of this old woman who has stood up to her cause defying age and education as a barrier.

I thank the writers and literary legends of Coimbatore who welcomed my efforts and gave me appointment to record their interviews. I thank Puviyarasu sir, Nanjil Nadan sir, Marabin Maindhan Muthaya sir, Senthalai Gowthaman sir, C.R.Elangovan sir for their precious time.

I named the documentary Sathiya Kavignan (poet of truth) because the poet lived by the truth he wrote.

Do watch the documentary and give your feedback. I humbly ask you to share the link because we want to rediscover this great poet of Coimbatore. The film is rather a small  tribute compared to the quality of his life.

Language: Full Length Tamil Documentary

Running time: 12 minutes